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Laboratory of NEMATOLOGY

The main fields of scientific activity and research of the Laboratory of Nematology are:
  • Conducting surveys for the recognition of protected zones in Greece, specifically for the following quarantine nematodes: Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida in soil samples where ware potatoes are grown, Meloidogyne chitwoodi, Meloidogyne fallax and Ditylenchus destructor in seed potatoes and Ditylenchus dipsaci in seeds of Medicago sativa
  • Phytosanitary examination of exported or imported plant material
  • Laboratory examination of soil and plant material and instructions for the management of the infestation aiming at the approving of the program of integration and restructuring vineyards as well as the renewal or issue of business licenses for nurseries
  • Laboratory examination of infested soil and plant material, and instructions for the management of the infestation
  • Culturing of entomopathogenic and plant parasitic nematodes for experimentation and Galleria mellonella

Scientific laboratory staff

Dimitrios P. Papachristos, PhD, Entomologist, Research Director, Head of the Laboratory
Maria Kormpi, Agronomist Technologist

Vasileios K. Ivros, MSc, Agronomist

Technical assistants
George Zygouris

Last update: 21/6/2024