The Laboratory of Biological Control’s main aspects of research and activity are as follows:

  • Research into the biology, ecology and behavior of pests’ natural enemies, to improve their performance in the field
  • Development of Integrated Pest Management schemes with an emphasis on biological control
  • The biology, ecology and biodiversity of insect pests and their natural enemies
  • Operating and participating in national and international projects
  • Insect culture rearing for experimentation
  • Conducting surveys for the quarantine insect species Liriomyza trifolii, Liriomyza huidobrenis and Bemisia tabaci, as part of the recognition of protected zones in Greece
  • Phytosanitary examination of exported and imported plants and agricultural commodities
  • Laboratory examination of infested plants and and instructions for the management of the infestation
  • Mentoring graduate student dissertations and theses

Scientific laboratory staff
Panagiotis Milonas, PhD, Entomologist, Research Director, Head of the Laboratory
Apostolos Kapranas, PhD, Agronomist-Entomologist, Associate Researcher
Eirini Anastasaki, PhD, Agronomist,  Associate Researcher
George Partsinevelos, Agronomist Technologist

Maria-Frantzeska Triviza, Agronomist


Last update: 16/7/2021