Department of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology

The Department of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology conducts research on the morphology, systematics, phylogeny, biodiversity, zoogeography, spatial distribution, biology, ecology and behavior of insects, mites, and nematodes of economic importance. The Department contributes to BPI’s plant-protection mission through the application of modern methods of pest control (natural, biological, biotechnical, chemical, and their combinations) as well as through research into the development of alternatives to chemical formulations. A series of insect, mite and nematode cultures are kept in the insectaries for experimentation. The Department also participates in a number of international and national programs.


Head of the Department of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology: Dr Panagiotis G. Milonas, Head Research Scientist
Despoina E. Kapantaidaki, MSc, PhD, Agronomist, Scientist

Spyros Antonatos, PhD, Agronomist
Vasiliki Evangelou, PhD, Agronomist
Ioanna Lytra, MSc, PhD, Agronomist
Aikaterini Psoma, MSc, PhD, Chemist
Antigoni Akrivou, MSc, Agronomist
Iro Georgopoulou, MSc, Agronomist
Dimitrios Kotouzas, MSc, Agronomist Technologist
Anna Chronopoulou, MSc, Agronomist Technologist
Christini Sasli

Laboratory of Agricultural Entomology,
Laboratory of Biological Control,
Laboratory of Acarology and Agricultural Zoology,
Laboratory of Nematology

Last update: 23/6/2020